Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring Equinox!

Here up high in the mountains there are a few signs of spring, melting snow and mud, but look!  Tulip leaves are emerging from their winter slumber!

Arlo is peeking out at me too.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Would you like to join me for a cup?

Leonie Allan  has released a free e-book, How To Be a Morning Goddess 

Twenty interesting women share their morning rituals.  It's well worth downloading for suggestions about starting your day off on the right foot.  Not a morning person by nature, I read it looking for inspiration.  Inspired I was.  I got out the good china and took this picture of a cup of my morning coffee.  The cup is part of a china set I inherited from my grandmother.  It is very special to me and brings back fond childhood memories of holiday and birthday meals at her house.  I sat in our dining room admiring the snowy landscape and thinking about things.

I joined Leonie's Goddess Circle in September because I love her spirit, her energy and enthusiasm for being creative.  It's been an amazing experience that has helped me get my creative juices flowing while connecting with lots of supportive and encouraging women.

If you have followed my blog, you might have noticed I haven't been here as much as I used to be.  I've been off trying other things.  I've also been considering redoing my blog and taking it in a different direction.  One of the wonderful women I've met in the Circle is offering a class:

It begins soon and I'm really excited to try some new things.  This blog has helped me grow and develop as a photographer.  It originally began as a place to document my travels.  Now I want to expand in more creative and helpful ways using some of the skills that I have developed over the years.  So stay tuned and expect some changes!

Like life, blogs are always changing, too.  And that's a little bit of what's been happening in My World lately.

Friday, March 4, 2011

First there is a mountain

Then there is no mountain
Then there is.

Skywatch Friday!