Monday, October 17, 2011

Golden gifts from nature

I love the colors of autumn.  Because they are fleeting, they are all the more precious.

It took about 30 tries to catch the leaves falling in the wind with my camera.

A small stand of water is all that's left in the creek this time of year.

"Nothing gold can stay," said Robert Frost.  Sometimes I wish it could.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dinosaur National Monument

After five years of being closed, the Monument has re-opened the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall!  Tourism suffered when it was closed but hopefully now we will experience a revival.  The building, built on bentonite soil, shifted to the point where it was condemned because it was unsafe.  Ken Salazar came out last week for the opening, but unfortunately, I missed his speech.  Apparently it was a good one.

My daughter and I went out with some friends to visit the area.  There were at least a thousand sandhill cranes down by the Green River.

See all those little dots?  Makes me wish I had a bigger zoom lens!

I did manage to catch a pair of sandcranes flying by.  They live for up to 23 years in the wild and mate for life.

The building and the site looks the same, but different.  We were pleased to see the improvements didn't detract from our memories of the place.

Twelve different species are represented in the wall.

Here's a view of Split Mountain.  The Green River "split" the mountain. It's a great float trip on a raft!

There's nothing quite like a beautiful fall day.  Visit skies from around the world here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time flies when you switch jobs!

I did it.  I resigned from my job as a Family Resource Facilitator after four years of helping families with challenging children.  I launched right into a new business of my own.  It's been all-consuming, setting it up and getting it going.  I'm running in three different directions.  I guess that's why it's recommended to have a plan before starting up a business.  It will all work out.

Most surprising natural event of the fall?

Six inches of snow!?!

It snowed for three days!  It's melted now but it's been pretty darn chilly ever since.

Wonder what winter will be like.....I'll pop in again soon.