Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taktshang - Tiger's Nest Monastery

How is it that this post never got posted?  I just found it in my draft section because I was looking for these pictures.  These are from our trip to Bhutan three years ago.

Queen of All She Surveys?

Almost there means another big push to the top of the stairs!

Getting closer.....

There it is!
Paul in front of the prayer wheel

Kuenzang on the left and Chhimi on the right

Quite often when you see a picture of Bhutan, it's a shot of Taktshang, the Tiger's Nest Monastery. It is perched dramatically on the side of a cliff. The trail is spectacular not only for the scenery but the for the prayer flags, chortens and prayer wheels that line the way. Of course, it is also very steep, sometimes narrow and rocky in parts. Our guide, Chhimi Rinzin and driver, Kuenzang Dorji, were my "bodyguards." They walked with me and helped me along the way. At first I was really embarrassed about it but eventually I became grateful for their kind assistance.

As you can see, we slowly get closer and closer. Once we arrive, the best is yet to come. Thanks to a letter of introduction from Lama Thupten from the Urgyen Samten Ling Gonpa in Salt Lake, we were able to go inside and meet the head lama of the monastery. This was a very rare honor and privilege. Young monks served us tea and cookies while Chhimi translated for us. We received the lama's blessing and went on our way feeling refreshed physically and spiritually.


happytrails said...

The monastery looks more like an eagle's nest than a tiger's nest. Do tigers have nests? Anyway, a lovely place...

Janie said...

Beautiful place, beautiful memories, and great photos!

Harper Cosper said...

An interesting question, happytrails. It was named so due to an old legend there. It looks very lovely in the pictures. Being able to see the real thing up close is probably awe-inspiring.