Sunday, March 21, 2010

But I don't want to be a man

True story:  my grandfather was an Admiral in the Navy.  My mother wanted me to join and by then they allowed women but I get seasick.

I suppose this isn't fiction if it's true but it was either this or a rant against sexism!  The other submissions for Microfiction Monday were more lighthearted than mine this week.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well--you don't want to be in the Navy if you get sea-sick, Loran..... SO--I guess you did the right thing by NOT enlisting!!!!

Great Micro-nonfiction story!!! ha


Sylvia K said...

No, you absolutely don't want to be in the Navy if you get seasick! I love yours -- a for real one! Hope you've had a good weekend, Loran, and may your week be a lovely one!


John's comments said...

Hi its still me from random short stories but having starting to do more 140 and less character bits I decided to set up this site Random Twitter Stories. refreshing/recycling some old twitter stories to get it going. Anyway back to yours...I was with my wife on a sea trip as she had worked on ships for 10 year there was a certain level of bragging as the weather got very rough. But I continued to munch away on my bacon sandwich and she got very, very sea sick. Funny but then no more bragging!

anthonynorth said...

That's certainly a problem in the Navy.

christopher said...

Wise decision!

First50 said...

Good take on this one.

Martha Z said...

I don't know, I wouldn't mind a rant agaist sexism which still exhists in the military. That and seasickness made two reasons not to enlist.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I almost joined the Navy, until I went on a ship. Claustrophobia and motion sickness would have done me in. Never enlisted in any branch much to my dad's dismay I think.

Good non-microfiction.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh BOY did I love this -- when I was a teenager I wanted to travel the world (get away from my parents) but of course I didn't want to hurt their feelings and just take off. So I applied for the Naval Academy, only to find women had to be at least 5'2". I'm only 5'0, THANK GOD. It would have killed me LOL and my father had mixed feelings being an Army veteran. I ended up going to a small local private college that my mother loved and I hated -- should have joined the Peace Corps!!

Thanks for this one this week Loran!

Peggy said...

Wow, seasick, that would be a provblem on a shop.
My husbands parents were both in the Navy during the war. She was a nurse and he was an officer. None of her eight boys joined the Navy thought.
Liked the non fiction sory, great job!

hope said...

Ah, the things our parents wanted us to do. :)

The Navy wanted Dad to stay in past his initial 4 years...he politely declined. He never suggested any of us join the military. ;)