Thursday, September 23, 2010

A glimpse of Seattle

The moist environment in Seattle seems to be perfect for growing flowers.

I love being able to walk along the water.  We had a delicious fresh seafood meal at Elliott's the night before.  I had the most divine crab cakes ever!

This talented young woman was outside dancing with her hula hoop to earn money for nursing school.  She posed for me so I donated a few dollars to the cause.  

I fell in love with otters on our trip to Alaska and was intrigued by this carved chair.  This handsome young man just looked right at me when I pointed my camera at him and took the shot.

This gentleman was my traveling companion for the week we spent in the northwest.  He had been wanting to revisit the area for years so we decided pretty much on the spur of the moment to go.


Sylvia K said...

I'm so glad you had such a great visit and your photos are terrific as always, Loran! Enjoy your weekend!


Gaelyn said...

Seattle is such a pretty city, especially when the sun shines.

Jo said...

Whoo hoo, Loran! So good to SEE you again. And thanks for the lovely tour through Seattle. The hoola dancer is beautiful and that carved otter chair, WOW. Blessings and hugs Jo

Janie said...

I love Seattle. We're past due for a visit there.