Monday, June 20, 2011

Building a Greenhouse: A Chapter Story

We have had a long, cold spring.  We live at 6800' (2072m) elevation.  The climate is not conducive to growing green things in our mountain desert zone.  A few years back when a major hailstorm decimated my garden I gave up.

This year my husband decided for a spring project he would like to put up a greenhouse.  It was a great idea but it turned out to be way more labor intensive than he expected.  How often do projects like this turn out that way?

We took out our ten year old hot tub, tore down the old garden fence and made room for the greenhouse. We hired a contractor to pour concrete for a foundation.  He also added a sidewalk out to the greenhouse.  He did a great job.

The Kubota tractor is our friend!  My husband used it to haul bricks from the flatbed trailer over to the interior of the greenhouse in order to build the beds.

We also took out our patio bricks and poured concrete.  We have had flooding in the basement due to extreme weather conditions.  Hopefully it's a solution to the problem.

It took an entire day with one helper to build up the planters. Later we filled the planters with dirt and compost, thanks again to Kubota.

Brogan is giving his stamp of approval on the new sidewalk.

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Bronwyn said...

Oh my I think I am going to have greenhouse envy. This looks WONDERFUL!!! Can't wait for the next chapter. I love the winding path. What will you grow?

Gaelyn said...

A very big project indeed, but oh the rewards you will reap.

Poopers AKA 2Ply said...

As the wife of a guy involved in a lot of construction projects, I can answer that question: always! I usually double his estimate and it'll be a safe bet. :) Looks like it's coming along nicely though.

Janie said...

This does look like a huge project. I hope all the green things your will grow will appreciate your efforts.