Monday, July 28, 2008

New best friends

The Tiger Temple was established by local monks who care for abandoned wild animals.  Tum told us it had gotten very tourist-y and it has, but still, I got to pet a tiger!  The fur was oily and not at all soft and fluffy like I expected.  Nancy, running behind a tiger in the hopes of getting to pet it, got peed on instead.  Call it a wilderness experience if you like.

Getting a "massage" from an elephant caused me to question my sanity!

Nancy's new best friend


happytrails said...
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happytrails said...

Uhm, yeah, I wouldn't have lain down in front of an elephant... Those guys have huge feet! (Removed first try at this comment because I got the lie-lay-lain wrong. Hope it's right now...)
Did Nancy have her friend shipped home?

mountain.mama said...

Nancy didn't bring home the elephant, but she sure wanted to bring home some Bhutanese dogs!

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