Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Riding an elephant is on my top ten best things to do list ever!

Paul and Nancy enjoying the view.

The best seat in town.

This rhino thought twice about charging our elephant.  It's good to be on the biggest ride in the jungle!

Blowing bubbles in the water is ever so much fun.

Dust baths are enjoyable too.

Wild baby elephants.


jillybeanz said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing! It looks so surreal. It's amazing how different our cultures are.

happytrails said...

Very cool elephant and rhino pics. Wonder what would happen if the rhino charged the elephant while you were riding on it. A little elephant rodeo?

Esther Garvi said...

My first (and only) elephant ride was a bit of a disappointment to my six-year-old mind. My strongest memory is reaching out to pat the elephant, and getting stung by its hard hairs! But that was in a zoo in Switzerland. Here in Africa, I enjoy looking at the (wild) elephants, who are not too keen on having any humans ride them.