Friday, December 26, 2008

Gray skies today

Even the dog wishes it would stop snowing!  We got another foot last night.

For more colorful skies, check out SkyWatchFriday.


Steffi said... have a lot of snow there where you live!I wish we had white christmas too but that´s now too late for this year!Happy SWF!

Robin said...

Wow! That's some snow! It's a beautiful shot.

Titania said...

The monochrome picture looks great.
You have a beautiful blog interesting to see and read. It seems lots of snow everywhere this winter, great for skiing.

dAwN said...

Love both skys ..part 1 and 2.
happy skywatch friday!

Arija said...

Both nice shots, but this one I really like. The dg looks like a mountain lion at first glance and rather bemused on closer inspection.
Love the way it is all greu and snowy.

Susie of Arabia said...

I feel cold just looking at your picture! It's a beautiful winter scene.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - and Happy New Year!