Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Stroll on the Flume Trail

How lucky can I be to live so close to such a beautiful trail?  

The landscape is spectacular. Every day, every season, it looks different.  Today was a late fall/early winter day.  The snow on the trail was like a soft cushion.  The temperature was in the low 40's which was quite pleasant for a day in December.  The sky was partly cloudy, sometimes a dull gray, sometimes a brilliant blue.  

Dogs are hikers too

The sun shines from the west in the afternoon on to the eastern rock formations.  Usually I walk this trail earlier in the day, then it's the reverse.

Snowflakes or dried flowers?

It was a little over three miles round trip

A bridge to somewhere

The grass dried like this, it's not the wind blowing it

Silhouette against the sky

Happy dog at the end of the hike


jillybeanz said...

Beautiful pics! I love your dog! My kids would spoil him rotten.

happytrails said...

You do have some lovely terrain close by. The photos are beautiful.

Quiet Paths said...

Great post here; wish I could walk there too. I see the bridge and it's to somewhere!