Friday, April 24, 2009

Flume Trail Bridge

It will be a month or so before the snow melt starts coming down from the mountains to fill the creek.  Then the water will roar and the rocks will tumble downstream.

Everything is still looking gray but there are little buds on the trees.

Getting down and artsy.

This is the same bridge on my header.  The header picture was taken last fall.  Soon everything will look completely different.  Maybe when it's green I'll change it.


EcoRover said...

Are some parts of the flume still standing along the trail? Sometimes, those old flumes totally changed the hydrology of small watersheds.

mountain.mama said...

Yes, the flumes are still standing further up the trail. Someday soon I'll have to hike up there and take pics. They didn't last long or do much damage, not as much as the floods we have had in the last few years, in between the droughts.

Leedra said...

Like the artsy photos of the bridge. Hard to pick a favorite.

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Janie said...

Nice artsy shots. I like the last one looking down the bridge path.

~Cheryl said...

I like your terrific bridge!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love bridges like that, Loran. Interesting!!!! Be sure to take some pictures of the creek once the water starts coming down..I'd love to see that.

Have a great weekend.