Friday, May 8, 2009

Sun and shadow

Still Friday on the Flume Trail.  The light shifts and changes a lot because of the high rock formations.

There are a lot of interesting effects on sandstone from weathering.

The sun is shining through a break in the canyon here.

You can't hear him, but Brogan was whining to get going.  He thinks I take too many pictures.

The new aspen leaves are glowing in the sun.

I love this walk and never tire of it.  Sometimes I do get tired from the walking though!


Arija said...

Brogan obviously enjouy your walk as well...except when you stop of course.

Janie said...

Beautiful photos. Love the sandstone and the new aspen leaves in the sun. And yes, I believe I do hear Brogan whining.

Jen said...

those are some great photos.

Kevin said...

Looks like a beautiful area, no wonder Brogan wants to cruise. My dog likes nothing better than a good hike! It's good for all of us.

Tess said...

Nothing much better than walking somewhere beautiful where your dog can run next to you. I really like that close up of the aspen, I love the texture of aspen trunks.

Denise said...

I do love looking at all your wonderful photographs. You have a great blog.

Barb said...

Brogan is a little like my husband! Loved your aspen shots.

erin said...

good morning.
love the aspen against the rock, the light and dark of the shot...lovely capture. enjoying your walk :)

SisterJulia said...

You live in the most amazing place Loran! Stunningly beautiful.
All is well here...hoping all is good with you too!

Big Kisses.