Wednesday, June 23, 2010

College Fjord

The last set of glaciers we visited on the ship were in College Fjord.  What an immense and beautiful place.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to the names of all the glaciers that are, in fact, named after colleges.

Insert college name of your choice if you want!

On a Saturday morning we landed in Whittier, Alaska, a very small port.  We took a bus to Anchorage, found our luggage and got a taxi to Great Alaskan Adventures.  There we rented a 32' motor home.  They made us watch a ridiculously boring video on living in the RV.  It did include some helpful tips.  For instance, turn on the fan when cooking so the smoke alarm doesn't go off.  My husband, the early riser, got up to make coffee, didn't turn on the fan and set off the alarm our first morning in the RV.  Some things you just have to learn the hard way. 

Thus began two more weeks of visiting Alaska, admiring mountain vistas and traveling 1771 miles!


George said...

Thanks for another set of beautiful pictures from your cruise. You've made me want to take a cruise up there more than ever. I don't know if we would rent an RV, but if we do I'll try to remember about the fan!

Tess said...

Making coffee setting off the smoke alarm? Very strange. Traveling in an RV sounds like a blast though, strangeness aside.

Barb said...

You had quite the trip - by water and land! I'm enjoying your photos.

Jessica said...

Wow! Great pictures. I can't wait to see the shots from the land portion of your journey. :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Loran, I would love the cruise--but even more, I think I'd love traveling around Alaska like you all did in your RV.... Sounds wonderful!!!!

Beautiful pictures of the glaciers..

Janie said...

The scenery is beautiful,even if a bit chilly looking.
That's a big RV!

Anonymous said...

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