Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turn Again Arm

The morning we left Seward we started back toward Anchorage, the hub of our trip.  We drove through Turn Again Arm again.  

The dead trees are a result of the 1964 earthquake.  Salt water invaded the Arm and killed the trees.

We stopped off at a lame animal preserve but the pictures "don't count" if the animals are behind fences when you are on Alaskan safari!  We were disappointed not to have seen any bears and only one moose after two weeks.  Part of the problem was once again the late spring.  The salmon weren't running yet so the bear were not out eating salmon.  The moose were calving and tended to stay hidden with their young.

We returned to Elmendorf Air Force Base for another night of camping and laundry.  Our friends from Alabama, the ones who visited Yellowstone with us last year, were flying in to join us for the last week of our trip.  We were so glad to have them come along.


reanaclaire said...

Looks like a wonderful trip u all have..


Should Fish More said...

The first picture, of the Portage area with the dead trees...nearby was a small town that was also destroyed in the aftermath of the '64 quake. The land settled, the salt water from Turnagain arm invaded and made the place uninhabitable. Did you see a bore tide while you were there? Happens on most incoming tides. I've seen beluga whales in turnagain also.
Cheers, enjoy my old stomping grounds.

George said...

There is obviously so much to see and do while on an Alaskan safari. I'm sorry you weren't able to see any bears -- maybe next time.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I think we are going to Alaska during Summer, Loran, but I hate to miss all of the waterfalls from the snow melt... Oh Well--can't see it all!!!!!

Beautiful pictures--and I'm glad your Alabama friends joined you for the last part of your vacation.


Gaelyn said...

Great shot through the metal sculpture. Love that name, "turn around arm." This has really been a great vacation and sounds to be getting better with friends joining.

Martha Z said...

I'm catching up on your trip and enjoying the preview of Kenai Fjords. You got a lot of great photos and have done a wonderful job of presenting this great trip.

Sylvia K said...

Such a great, fun trip! And your photos are all terrific -- next best thing to being there! And you have indeed done a wonderful job sharing your trip with us! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


Janie said...

A shame you didn't see bears... from a distance!
How nice that you had friends join you for part of the trip.

Anonymous said...

The reason it's called Turnagain is, according to different people, it's where Capt. Cook had to 'turn again', after hoping he had found passage through. It's gradually filling in, and in 50 years or so will be about half it's current length.