Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another trip to the Big Horns Begins

Some of my blog readers may remember a trip we made to Wyoming two years ago.  It began with a kind of redneck way to load the four wheelers.  Check out two years ago here.  Trust me, it's a must-see.

This year was much more "civilized."  Cousin Ken insisted that I document the improvements.  He has a very skilled friend who designed customized racks for our pickup bed.  After Ken kindly drove from Scottsdale to deliver the racks, he helped Gary install them.  He also brought ramps so that Gary could drive the four wheelers up.  Those suckers are too steep for me to want to drive my bike up on to them!  Gary almost ran over Ken who managed to jump up on to the roof of the cab.  He got there just in the nick of time and avoided getting squished.  Who knew an old guy could move so fast?

These things take practice.

Here I think Ken is commenting on his near-death experience.

Now to get the second bike up on the rack.

Of course, the ramps need to be moved.

Gary is lined up and waiting for the go-ahead this time.

This just looks so steep to me even though Ken insists I've been on a hill this steep.  I dunno....

Success and happy faces!

Thanks to Ken for all his help!

The next day we took off for Big Wonderful Wyoming.


Dominee said...

The way two years ago was definitely inventive, although this does look much more evolved. And I agree that does look pretty steep!

Gaelyn said...

This does look like a better plan as long as those ramps can go with.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Loran, I remember that post with the 'old' way to do it... Looks like Cousin Ken came to the rescue... That is much much better.

Hope your trip to Wyoming is FABULOUS... I'm sure it will be...

Love the photos especially that one of the two smiling men...


George said...

After looking at both posts I will agree that this year's method of loading the ATVs was an improvement. But the earlier post showed a lot of ingenuity.

Janie said...

That loading process looks like quite a challenge to me.
Glad it was accomplished successfully with no injuries!