Sunday, September 18, 2011

Running a half-marathon through Dry Fork Canyon

No, it wasn't me that ran 13 miles on Saturday!  It was my daughter, Amber.  Some of my more devoted followers may remember me posting cross-country race pictures of her when she was in high school. Now she is in college studying Exercise Science.  She stays very fit and active by running regularly.  This was her first half-marathon.  

Crossing the bridge over Ashley Creek

Reflections in the irrigating pond

The canyon has lots of spectacular rock formations.

My mother likes the abstract forms in the rocks.  She's an artist who likes to paint abstracts.

The day was chilly and cloudy.  Fall is on its way.

Canyon swallows live here.

And here she comes crossing the finish line!  Awesome job!  I had fun taking pictures all the way down the canyon too.


Barb said...

Wonderful photos ont he way to the finish line. Congratulations to Amber. My D-i-L runs a half in Denver Oct 8.

Sylvia K said...

Congratulations indeed! She looks marvelous and what a great capture you were able to get! My future daughter-in-law is named Amber!! Have a great week -- both of you!


Janie said...

Congrats to Amber! Nice that the weather was a bit cloudy and cool. I'm sure that made the run more pleasant.

Vaporizer said...

I also like to run in rain feeling so funny.

Vaporizer Reviews said...

Incredible running experience through beautify scenery..

Nordis said...

Very nice photo series.

Linda said...

Your daughter looks as if she could run double the distance easily - and after that long uphill pull in one of your shots.

Idol lash said...

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