Sunday, August 3, 2008


These mountains are "hills"--the only "real" mountains are the ones that have snow on them all year long.

We didn't know it yet but the airport in Paro was about the only flat spot in the country! Everything is a steep up and down, steps, roads, trails, everything but the soccer fields. We had afternoon tea and then an opportunity to cruise the streets and shop a little before we drove up to our hotel for the night.

The food in Bhutan was quite delicious. Always we were served rice, with a variety of side dishes, some with meat, some without. Asparagus was in season which was delightful. Hot tea was served with warmed milk, very nice.


happytrails said...

I love the top photograph. Looks like it should be on a postcard.
Glad you enjoyed your jaunt to Leidy over the weekend.

jillybeanz said...

Great pics! I would have died for the asparagus. I love that stuff.