Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trongsa to Riotala

We begin the less well known part of the journey here.  

We are going to unload our gear and begin our trek in Riotala.  It is a place very few foreigners visit and very little is written is written about it.  There were two paragraphs about the Black Mountain area in Lonely Planet.

Before we left the states, Janie and I were looking at a map and the trip itinerary and trying to match things up.  Nothing really matched....Janie appeared a little anxious.  I glibly replied that we were headed into the middle of the middle of nowhere.  Little did I know how true that was going to be!

Langur in magnolia tree

Another beautiful child

Calla lilies, some of my most favorite flowers

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happytrails said...

What beautiful photos of the monkey in the tree and the sweet-faced child.
I'm glad you found plenty to interest you in the lost places that didn't match the map!