Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." --W.J. Cameron

Things I'm thankful for:

My family
My friends
My health
Coffee made from fresh roasted beans
Great food
My house and bed, warm and comfy
My beautiful surroundings
Beautiful art work
My camera and computer and the internet and emails and blogs
Birds, ducks, cats, dogs, llamas and mostly all animals
Curt and his yurt and our meditation classes
My little red car
Fires in the wood stove in the winter  
Air conditioning when it's really, really hot
Lakes, oceans, rivers, tiny little streams where the fairy winkles live
Magical realism
The miracle of healing
The Beatles
Blue sky, sunsets, sunrises
The absolutely breathtaking beauty of 
the moon and stars and planets and galaxies
and the mystery of life and the spirit

1 comment:

happytrails said...

I love your list. We all need to spend more time thinking about the many gifts life has given us.