Friday, November 14, 2008

It's all in your perspective

"We observe the great expanse of creation through the narrowest of portals and attempt to understand it.  In a universe whose dimensions in time and space are inconceivably vast, we apply the constricted logic of hours and weeks, inches and miles, to matters that are spawned in the vaults of the Infinite." -- John Niendorff

"Nobody really knows why we are here, obviously.  There are big pieces missing from the pictures offered us by science and religion.  Based on our present knowledge, the whole thing doesn't make sense.  But what's so wonderful is that we want it to make sense, and our need for meaning drives us relentlessly to create."  --Anne Rice


happytrails said...

I always have to sit and think for awhile before replying to your blog. Those are great quotes, and a good photo to demonstrate the vastness of even our little corner of the world.

Lisa M. said...

I agree with Happytrails!

I often think that we are a very .. what is the word, obnoxiously self righteous group of people who think we can whip the world, and beat it's amazingly resilient splendor, because of our selfish choices.

I agree, completely. Our view, is quite limited. Our understanding, not very big.

We are rather insignificant creatures, really.

(Not that I don't think we need to take care of our world..)

Missed you Thursday. It wasn't the same with out you.