Saturday, January 3, 2009

Experimenting with camera settings

"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." --William Arthur Ward


One Red Horse said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog! Recently I was given the Butterfly Award and I'd like to pass it along to you. Visit my blog (Baba Yaga's Mirror) to pick it up (copy the picture) and get the directions for passing it on to some of your favorite blogs.

happytrails said...

Nice quote! And good work on the candle photo.

soulbrush said...


SandyCarlson said...

Lovely, lovely.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my New Year post. You said in your comment what I was trying to say, that we should feel a commitment to each other. We can't own another's choices, but we can stop and think how we effect others by our choices.

God bless.

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