Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The disk with my pictures arrived so I am a happy blogger!

Somebody in California likes to decorate for the holidays.  As I was taking this picture, a couple walked by and told me that this family goes all out for every holiday. Sweet!

I left for California a week ago Wednesday morning.  The drive from Vernal to the Salt Lake International Airport is about four hours.  I got to the airport, parked the car and waited until 5 p.m. for the flight to depart.  I flew to San Francisco and waited there.  Bored, I started taking pictures.  Most of the pictures were a combination of stillness and movement.  I had to set the camera on a slow speed to avoid using the flash which created some interesting effects, along with a bunch of blurry, uninteresting pictures that will not be shown.

Lights, reflections and a crescent moon.

Ticket agents: one working, one in contemplation.

I flew to LAX and then on to Oxnard, a very tiny airport fifteen minutes from my sister's house.  The traffic in southern California is terrible.  I thought it was easier to sit in an airport than sit in a line of cars for hours or speed along at 70 mph bumper to bumper.  My arrival time was 11 p.m., midnight Utah time.  It was a long day but fewer hours than driving the entire trip.

Postscript on the memory card 

The card was corrupted for one reason or another.  I tried a rescue program but there was nothing to recover.  After reading on the net, I learned that using and reusing a card can cause problems.  I had used the card a number of times, deleting and reusing it.  Apparently it's not good practice.  Anyway, all's well that ends well and my pictures still exist!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you got your photos, Loran... I reuse my card---so it makes me wonder if the same thing will happen to me. I reformat mine each time I dump the pictures. Hmmmmmmm----something to think about.

Happy Halloween to you... Can't wait to see more of your CA pictures.


Lisa Wilson said...

Last week my memory card decided it was corrupted or something. It worked fine after reformatting it, but at first I thought something was wrong with my camera!

Janie said...

It is a long trip to fly anywhere from out in eastern Utah.
Glad your photos arrived. Really like that pumpkin decorated window, and your airport shots are cool, too.

CoyoteFe said...

Love your bridge photo (OK - have not visited for awhile!). Your photos are engaging! I especially like the Hallowe'en display and the ticket counter. Hope all is well.

Linda said...

Your world is obviously back in order now that you can post photos!
Your in-transit shots really give the flavour of your long day.

lisaschaos said...

I think we all reuse cards, over and over, but scary how you can lose one so quickly, out of the blue. How fortunate to be near people who go all out for the holidays. :)

Bill S. said...

I am glad you got your pictures.
Cards are like everything - they wear out. I have had one go bad in four years of shooting 1000's of pictures. Keep a spare on hand.

George said...

I'm glad you got your pictures, although I'm sorry you had problems with your memory card. We haven't had any problems with our cards, but it is something to think about.

Gaelyn said...

Sure glad your pics survived. I didn't know that about about the mem card. I download and erase pics almost every day.

Nice series of the airport experience.