Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ventura and camera chips

OK, I'm back from a great trip to Ventura, California.  I visited my sister and her husband.  They have a lovely condo ten minutes from the beach.  Joni and I spent a lot of time at the beach.  She got in the water with her wet suit, I didn't.  We cruised downtown Ventura on Saturday during their Art Walk.  I took close to 500 pictures and experimented with the lighting and settings because it's so different from our alpine desert.  I downloaded my pictures on her computer which was a very good thing because when I got home and put my chip into the reader, guess what???  NO PICTURES!  My husband who is very good with electronics couldn't find them either.  So I made a call and Joni will be sending a CD with my jpegs on them.  To get me started she emailed me some of my pictures.  So although there are benefits to our electronic universe, there are drawbacks as well.  If anyone can explain to me what is in a chip that goes bad, I'd be interested.

As a side note, I left hot and sunny weather and arrived to snow, wind and cold.  Gotta love it all I suppose but sometimes I don't.

A rooftop view on my first day there.

Lots of surfers were out enjoying the water.

Surfers (disguised as little ants) are out in the water (click to enlarge).

We made a new friend.

I ran down to the beach one evening to get sunset shots too.

Thanks to my sister for helping me get started, lots more pictures will be posted when they are available.

And if you like watery shots, check here for more!


Gaelyn said...

How nice to spend time on the beach. But what a bummer to return home to snow. Which it's been trying to do all afternoon but not sticking.
Maybe your sisters photo software erases the card after download. I have that option yet don't take it since loosing some pics I thought I'd downloaded.
Glad somebody has them and look forward to see more of this trip.

Kay said...

We live about 40 miles from Ventura and drive over there now and then. It is very pretty there.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful beach photos,love the gulls too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Loran, I thought about you at the beach. I knew you'd LOVE it---along with spending time with your sister. Neat!!!!

Sorry about the photos--but at least, your sister has them all. Can't imagine why they disappeared off of your memory card...

Culture shock isn't it ---going home from the beach to cold and snow???? Yipes.

Dimple said...

Nice series of shots. The sunset is wonderful!

Janie said...

Beautiful beach and sunset. I'm glad you had a good time. Too bad Utah greeted you home with snow!
Like Gaelyn said, My first thought was that your sis's computer softward was set to erase the chip after download. At least the photos are still alive and well and coming in CD form.

Martha Z said...

An amazing world we live in. Sunny southern California is just a few hours from Utah's snow.

gaelikaa said...

It's terrible when you lose your photos isn't it? Lovely pictures, glad you got 'em back!

Linda said...

Lovely ocean pictures - and a great sunset into the bargain. But what horror about your chip. Just shows we should always backup, backup, backup.

I laughed at the wetsuit bit - we Scots would probably find the water pretty warm!

Tess said...

Phew, that's nice that you can have the pictures mailed to you! Good thought about your sister's software. You'll have to let us know if that ended up being the reason. It looks like your trip was awesome! I love that bottom picture especially.

Barb said...

These are wonderful, especially since I'm sitting with lots of new snow here in Breckenridge! The surf and sunset shots show that you had beautiful scenery! Lucky you to have a sis so close to the beach!
Depending what program your sis uses for the download on her computer, it could have automatically deleted your pics. Try some test shots now that you're home and see if they show on your computer. The chip may be fine. My program asks me after every download if I want to erase the chip (which I almost always do).

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Wonderful photo series! I'm glad you didn't lose them all when the chip went bad. I'll be interested what you learn about what happened to it.
Hugs and blessings,

Grace Olsson said...

Dear ,

Happened that with me, 3 times..U need to RECOVERY ...and everything it will be ok.-
U can install on your cmputer a recovery programm and u will get your photos back
have nice day, dear

AllmarkBoltonWoolsey said...

Love the ocean pics, sunsets, awesome. Looking forward to your next batch. Makes for good dreaming after the snow last night!