Sunday, October 4, 2009

A trip to Salt Lake

Our youngest daughter is in college in Salt Lake.  I had not seen her for an entire month.  It seemed like a very long time.  So Friday her dad and I drove out to visit and had a wonderful time.  Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo with two of her roommates and enjoyed seeing all the baby animals.

Kelsey, Kayla and Amber

Baby snow leopard

It's a treat to see such beautiful animals, but sad, too that they are endangered and in a cage.  I always have mixed feelings at the zoo.....

....but it's fun nonetheless.


Janie said...

I was thinking a couple of days ago that Amber must be off to college now. I'll bet it seems very quiet with her gone. Looks like she's having fun, though. I love the zoo, any zoo. True, it's not so nice for the animals, but if they're going to be there anyway, I might as well enjoy my chance to see them, I figure.

Gaelyn said...

How wonderful to visit your daughter, and go to the zoo. The baby snow leopard is adorable. Love Amber in the turtle shell. And the gorilla is a crack up.

I too have a conflict with zoos. It is a shame to cage up nature for our enjoyment.

Lisa Wilson said...

There's a lion water fountain like that at the Tulsa Zoo. Your daughter is really beautiful! I bet she is enjoying college. I'm glad you got to see the snow leopard. It seems like they always hide in their cages. At least he's protected there!

Linda said...

What a lovely visit. We haven't seen our son for nearly a month now, and we miss him! How nice that you got to meet your daughter's friends.