Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camper in the rain

Thursday morning we head north with our newly renovated camper for Yellowstone National Park.  We will spend the night in Jackson, Wyoming, home of billionaire ranchers!  Rumor has it they pushed out the millionaires.  Tough life I guess.  

Friday we will pick up our friends who are flying in from Alabama and drive to the Fishing Bridge Campground.  They will freeze in our cloudy, rainy weather but are coming prepared with long johns.  We'll stay toasty inside.  The "rule of thumb in the Rocky Mountains  is that it can snow at any time of year so we'll see if it does or not.  And, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.  

For a fun webcam of the famous Old Faithful, check here.   I'll be back in a week with pictures galore of buffalo, bear and moose, or a lot of dark, cloudy shots of rainy skies.  Either way, we'll have fun but I'll miss my blogging buddies.


Gaelyn said...

Have a wonderful time. Look forward to pics and stories.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Loran, Can I go too?????? I'll bring my long-johns!!!!

I've never been to Yellowstone---but my parents went there on their honeymoon in 1919.. Wonder how much it has changed???? ha ha

Have a wonderful time---and take lots of pictures to share.

Janie said...

Hope you have fun and see lots of interesting animals.

david mcmahon said...

Have a great time. That would be paradise!

Tess said...

Have a good trip! Sounds like fun. Lots of animals and great photo ops in Yellowstone. :)

Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos.
These campers are so impressive to us Europeans accustomed to much smaller vehicles. I can see that you could be quite cosy even in bad weather.

~Cheryl said...

I'm so silly! Clicked on the web cam without realizing that of course it's night time..... not very interesting. I'll be back because it's so much fun checking out web cams! Have fun!

EcoRover said...

Looks like you'll get the full slate of weather in Jellystone. That's one reason Polarfleece is considered formal dinner wear in Montana!

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