Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life vs. Blogging

On Friday, May 29 my youngest daughter (on the left) and her best friend graduated from high school.  We had twelve family members come stay at our house for the festivities.  We visited and ate and celebrated.  When they all left on Sunday I landed in bed with a terrible virus--aches and pains, temperature and vomiting.  A not so grand finale to a great three days.  I crawled out of bed to go to work for a few hours on Monday and then hit the deck running today.  At least I'm back in action but I'm so behind on everything.  Not to mention we are going to Yellowstone next week and I have to get the camper loaded up.  Our OLD camper needed new tires, a new refrigerator, a new kitchen faucet and other assorted repairs this year. Thank goodness my husband could do a lot of the repairs himself.  Do you know that a camper refrigerator costs more than a house refrigerator???  What is up with that?
Thanks to all the dear people who took time to say something nice about my lilacs in my last post and my apologies for not making nice comments in return on anyone's blog.  
I think my posting is going to be pretty sporadic over the summer as there are many fun activities we have planned so in the life vs. blogging battle, it looks like life will win in the end.  I'll do my best to keep up and post my best pics when I can.  Hopefully I'll stay healthy enough to do it all!
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Loran, Don't feel guilty. LIFE is much more important than blogging. We'll be here when you return.. Some of us will be gone part of the summer also.

Get WELL---and then do what you need to do to have a nice trip to Yellowstone.

Congrats on your pretty daughter.


erin said...

a big congrats to you daughter!
have a most wonderful time in yellowstone...wish i were tagging along:)
have a wonderful rest of the week.

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Yes RV fridges are outragously priced. Might be cheaper to by another RV. LOL! Have fun in Yellowstone and where ever your life's journey takes you, because life is more important than blogging. We'll be here when ever you can share with us.

~Cheryl said...

Your daughter is such a beautiful young woman! I'm glad you and your family were able to celebrate together---such wonderful memories you'll have.

Janie said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter on her graduation. Must be strange to have both of them graduated now.
Sorry to hear you were sick.
Have fun in Yellowstone! The weather should be great for hiking.
We'll forgive you if you don't have time for the blog world for awhile. I've been feeling the time pinch, too.

EcoRover said...

Hope your feeling better for that trip to Jellystone! And congrats to the grad. Say "Hi" to the Druid wolf pack out in the Lamar Valley for me, and have a dip in the Boiling River at Mammoth.

Jo said...

Hi Loran; Sorry to hear you were sick. You go ahead and enjoy LIFE. Blogging will be here when you return. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter's graduation. It fascinates me how special this is in the US while here leaving school after 12 years, is just that, leaving school. Thanks for visiting my blog. (((Hugs)))

Esther Garvi said...

Congratulations to your daughter! She is beautiful, you must be so proud! Sorry you guys were all sick, but the good news is that now you can all be so appreciative of being healthy! :-D Wish you a wonderful summer, and make sure to enjoy that mountain for me!!

Arija said...

Congratulations, now she can really enjoy the summer. Have a lovely trip and come back with lots of wonders to show us.

Tess said...

That is cool that so many family members came for her graduation. Sounds like it was hectic but fun. I'm glad you are feeling better now! Being sick is such a bummer. Have fun at Yellowstone. Life should win. :)

Linda said...

No need for guilt (tho I was thinking of apologising in my next post for not visiting many blogs recently, or posting myself). Same combination of illness and life. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Your daughter and fried look so happy - congratulations to them!