Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jackson to Jenny Lake

From Jackson through Moose Junction, we continued north to Jenny Lake.  The lake was named after a guide who arrived in 1870.  Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh acted as a guide for the Hayden expedition in to Jackson Hole.   The lake was named after his Shoshoni wife, Jenny. She and their five children died from smallpox and left him very alone.  

Our rig in front of the Visitor's Center.  Compared to the monster RV's we saw in the park, this is very modest (at least by our overblown American standards.)

Doesn't this look like a nice place to work for the summer?

Jenny Lake

Black bark birch tree.  We learned in Yellowstone that the moose population is down.  Many birch trees were burned in the big fire of 1988.  This bark is what moose feed on in the winter. Because it grows so slowly the moose have not had as much to eat.  Gary and I noticed that there were fewer moose than we were used to seeing on other trips.

The first waterfall of the trip, Lewis Falls drops 30 feet.

And, to answer Betsy's question:  the weather was chilly, especially for our friends coming from Alabama's heat and humidity.  During the day the temperatures ranged from 42 to 62 degrees Farenheit (5C to 16C), depending on whether or not the sun was out or if it was raining or hailing.  It didn't seem to freeze at night where we were camped, but I'm sure it did in the higher elevations.


Stacie said...

That place looks like an awesome place to work in the summer. Fantastic photo's.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Brrrrr---Loran. Right now though, I'd love to feel some of those cooler temps. We're hotter than hot here. Thanks for answering my question.

Great photos. Looks like a nice RV--and it looks pretty darn big to me!!!! ha

Sorry about the moose population. Critters have to live also--and I always wonder what happens after forest fires.

Have a great day.

Gaelyn said...

It's beautiful country, I wouldn't mind working there. Nice RV. Great captures. Glad it didn't freeze. Been cool here also.

June said...

Oh this is a find for me...these posts about Yellowstone. I'm getting previews :-)

Janie said...

I've always loved the bittersweet story of Jenny. Somewhere I read the journal entries of her husband, and it was so sad and touching.