Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 101

Thanks, Janie for passing on the Happy Blog Award.

My list of 10 things I love:

1.  My family and friends, the positive and loving relationships in my life.

2.  The natural world in all its magical glory.

3.  Creativity and the arts, my own and others, one of the things that makes blogging so fun!

4.  Playful activities like four wheeling, hiking, camping, snorkeling in warm tropical waters.

5.  My spirituality, eclectic in nature, open and expansive as possible.

6.  Travel to far away exotic places and even the not so exotic.

7.  Animals, my pets and those animals we get to see in the far away exotic places and in the neighborhood.

8.  Good food especially when someone else makes it.

9.  Laughter, a child's giggle, a belly laugh, it's all good.

10.  People helping other people who need help, random acts of kindness, the good things people do for each other make me very happy, and being able to help others myself.

Ten blogs that make me happy:

1. Some of the same blogs that make Janie happy, Esther's Ishtar News, Betsy's Joyful Reflections, Jo's Memorable Meanders and Gaylene's Geogypsy, also make me smile.

2.  I enjoy Susan's Stony River for her wicked wit and writer's skill.

3.  Creative Copy Challenge is awesome because it challenges me to be creative.

4.  My new friend Lis and her daughter Cowgirl touch my heart at Dandelion Seeds and Dreams.

5.  Leonie Allan's blog Goddess Guidebook helps me grow spiritually and creatively.

6. Sylvia from Over the Hill fills her blog with inspiring quotes and gorgeous pictures.

7.  A Little Piece of Me for all those beautiful backyard bird shots, wish I could do the same.

8.  Lisa doesn't post often but when she does she writes from her heart about her incredible journey with her special needs son.  I am blessed to have met her through my job!

9.  I love Bill's Wild in Idaho because I used to live in Idaho and because I love wildlife.

10.  And because I so enjoy young people I love to visit Tess and Tim's Archives and see pictures of their new daughter and Janie's granddaughter) Zoey and read about Occasionally J's adventures in China and in college.

And of course there is much more to be happy about in my life but that's all for now folks!


Gaelyn said...

Congrats Loran and thanks for naming me. I love what you love!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wonderful post, Loran. There are so many reasons I really like you ---your outlook on life (laughter, having fun, etc.), your love of the outdoors and of our creation, your love of the critters around us, your spirituality--which shines through--just to name a few)...

I am blessed to call you my friend.

Janie said...

I really like the "random acts of kindness". I know some of the blogs you list, but a few are new and I'll check them out.
I really like your new blog format.

Pam said...

Your 10 reasons are beautiful and speak to the kind and loving person you are. Congratulations, MM... you have created a lovely blog and thank you for sharing it.
Be well, Be happy,

Pam said...

Your a real sweetheart MM :)
Thanks for the kind thought and comment.

Kcalpesh said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful blogs..

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Peggy said...

Love your ten, all so different and unigue to you!
I so enjoy your blog too!

Susan at Stony River said...

What a wonderful list of ten things -- ten big and marvellous things! The ten blogs are a lovely encore... I'm going to go visiting now. Thanks for the big smile I got from *both* lists today!

Joni said...

I really liked your ten things and will check out the blogs you listed. I am lucky to have such a cool, smart sister !!