Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New! Well-Being Wednesday

One of the activities in the 2010 Planner, designed by the brilliant and talented Leonie Allen, is to choose one word for the year, a power word for what we'd like to experience and focus on.  I chose:


Deepen can be defined as extending far down from the surface, intense, profound or penetrating in awareness or understanding, a remote and mysterious region.

I like to write, take pictures, blog, meditate, exercise (sometimes),
eat healthy food (as much as possible).  But now I want to go deeper,
do better, strive for more profound and penetrating awareness, practice more intensely, become a better me.

Another suggested activity is to plan something special for a certain day of the week, make it a ritual.  I have already made participating in some memes routine, such as My World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday.  I've decided to establish Well-Being Wednesdays!  I already go to meditate in Curt's Yurt on Wednesday and attend a Wednesday Women's Gratitude Meeting so why not just make a day of it?  A day of centering, grounding, creativity and planning, movement, whatever works for the day.

So, I'm taking a step in facing my fears of blogging about personal feelings and experiences and putting this out into my tiny little blogosphere.  I'm letting you know what I'm up to today and if the spirit moves you, let me know how well you are doing today.

Today I feel adventurous!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good for you, Loran... I need to do more of this also--since I'm sure people are getting tired of seeing my waterfalls and birds on my blog. ha

Great word... Sounds like 'deepen' means that you are stepping out of your box (your comfort zone)... That's good. We all need to do that more I think--but it's easier to say than it is to do.

My word is and has been ATTITUDE. I try to keep a joyful one --but sometimes it isn't easy!!!!

Great post, my friend.

Martha Z said...

I sometimes think I would do well to make time for centering and meditation. I did at one time but it didn't last.
Linda, at Lindaletters tries to have a weekly outing. I'm trying to put that into our routine. Make a date for hubby and I to do something together besides our daily walk or trip to the gym.

Gaelyn said...

This is great Loran. I love the idea of always trying to be a better person, to grow and discover. I tend to "want" to put ritual in life but don't. Change seems to be my mantra.

I choose "acceptance" of myself and others.

I appreciate that you shared how you feel. Sometimes I forget to let my blog friends know what's really going on as I get lost in the journey thru life. Great post.

Louise said...

I love devoting a day to something. My life would need quite a bit of altering to devote it to anything other than necessary "work." (Though "work" is often cooking and baking which I love, and stamping cards and gifts which I love.) I have a Friday night ritual (bath night), and I love that.

I love how you're feeling adventurous and venturing into blogging about personal things. I'm a bit shy about that myself, but sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind. Since I don't blog under my real name and most of my "real friends" don't know I blog, I feel pretty comfortable being honest on my blog. And the feedback is good. I hope you find you love doing it and it's good for you.

Today I'm finishing Valentine's boxes. I'm making heart boxes from scratch and filling them with two kinds of truffles I made last night. This is the end of 2 weeks of Valentine's baking/making. Someone needs to stop me!

Tess said...

I like reading about personal feelings and experiences. :) Good idea to have a day for yourself. Sounds like Wednesdays are going to be a good time.

Barb said...

Hi Loran, Your focus on "Deepen" for 2010, especially as it relates to "profound and penetrating awareness" would be good for many of us. I came late to this post (It's Thursday!) but today I'm in Breckenridge and the sun is shining on the icicles. I appreciate bloggers like you who seem present and truthful in their posts. I am afraid I've suddenly become more personal than I ever thought possible in my own blog - it is kind of scary. But, I've also gotten some wonderful feedback - such as your own.