Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If Gary had a blog......

.....he might post some of these.....He's a really good photographer. It was hard to pick which one of his many pictures to show.

Skipper in the truck as driver, me in the passenger seat

Ken's wife Robin with their dog Sydney wearing her "doggles"

Cousin Cathy and her husband Larry with Ken, Cathy's brother

Cathy smiles willingly for the camera

Me hiking uphill with camera

Group shot!

Ken, Gary and Ken's brother, Randy

Rita and Randy

Keira and me playing bouncy, bouncy

DS frenzy

Yes, Brogan is a big dog; no, we don't put a saddle on him; he's an Irish wolfhound and my good friend

Lauri and Ken


Jeri's son, Steven

I did post a picture or two of myself from the Yellowstone trip (how short are our memories?) And I am usually behind the camera but peeked out again through someone else's lens. Cheers!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oops----guess I deserved that one!!!! Sorry---I remember now ---you all with your friends. Sorry, Loran. Please forgive me.

Great pictures.

Jo said...

I missed the Yellowstone trip and am glad to see you, Loran. Thanks for Gary's lovely photos. BTW I haven't forgetten our agreement. Just dashing about trying to get myself organised for North Africa. I think I'll have time to work on the request this weekend and mail you;) Hugs Jo

Tess said...

I love how Skipper and Brogan are part of the group shot. :)

Gaelyn said...

Great family photos. Love both the dogs, also part of the family.

EcoRover said...

If dogs were photographers, we'd have scratch & sniff pictures!