Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Safari on our last morning in Yellowstone

Back at Fishing Bridge very early in the morning.  

We signed up for a first for us--a photo safari.  We arrived at 5:30 a.m. at the Lake Hotel with an open but groggy mind.  A photographer took us to some nice places and gave us some tips on shooting.  It was interesting and helpful.

Swallows I think, she told us, but like I said it was very early.

Our restored Yellowstone "bus."

"This coffee tastes like shit."  We are coffee snobs.  We buy fresh roasted beans and grind them ourselves.  Need I say more?

Exquisite light and clouds make for more amazing pictures.

We were trying to catch a rainbow at the bottom of the falls at 9:30 a.m.  The sun wasn't too cooperative but it was worth a try.  A pale rainbow did emerge but my camera didn't pick it up. Susan's point and shoot did but I don't have a copy of her picture.

Right at the end of our tour, our guide spotted a pile of cars, knowing it had to be something good and it was--another grizzly.

And finally, a Swainson's hawk flew over head just before we ended our tour. What a morning!


Tulip said...

what a nice view, i love all your pictures it's really worth the trip.

Gaelyn said...

It was definately worth getting up early for those beautiful shots. Well, except for the lousy coffee. Think it's great that the old Yellowstone busses have been restored.

Love that you had a Studebaker.

Tess said...

Oh, I love the pictures that are misty! Too bad the coffee was gross, 5:30 in the morning is when you really need some good coffee.

Esther Garvi said...

Wow, what a journey! Enjoyed every picture you posted!!

Janie said...

Getting up early was definitely worth it for the fantastic light and great reflection photos. That's the time to see the most wildlife, too, and you captured a lot of critters.


One hour ago I watched a Television program about Yellowstone! I was so fascinated by the nature, the geysirs, the fog, animals - everything! What a magnificent place!

And here you are, with a lot of great pictures from Yellowstone! The photo of the mountain (after drinking coffee) is simply wonderful!

Madah said...

This place is very beautiful place. You're lucky to be able to visit it.

JOE TODD said...

Amazing photos.. Bad coffee is better than no coffee I think

Martha Z said...

You sure got some wonderful photos of Yellowstone. I enjoyed every one of the posts.
We were there last year and you make me wish I could go again.
There are so many beautiful places in this country each year I have trouble deciding where to go.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures, Loran. Even THAT early in the morning, you all did well at getting some GREAT photos.

I'm a coffee snob also!!!!

mononeil said...

What a wonderful set of image you got here from Yellowstone.